Social Impact

TerraVortex products strive to make a positive difference in communities by addressing pressing environmental challenges and enhancing the well-being of individuals and societies.

Environmental Stewardship

TerraVortex products prioritize environmental sustainability, aiming to minimize their ecological footprint and promote responsible resource management.

Economical Viability

TerraVortex products prioritize economic viability, offering sustainable solutions that make both environmental and financial sense. By balancing affordability and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Technology Advancement

TerraVortex products harness cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative and efficient solutions for sustainable living and environmental conservation.

Our Founding Story

During a lecture for my class on intro to sustainability in my first semester of college, my professor talked about the importance of waste segregation and how improper segregation is harmful to the planet in the long run. It has various problems such as recyclable materials damaged by food products, increased landfill waste and the arduous task of sorting improperly disposed waste into trash cans. She talked about how even when instructed to most college students to throw waste into the right bins, they were too lazy to do so or were not sure which bin a certain waste belongs to. Finally she explained that apart from higher damage to the environment, improper waste discard leads to financial losses gained through inability to recycle. We realized this was a large problem as, if educated college students do not segregate waste it is less likely most other people in this country or the world do it right.

During numerous discussions with key individuals at esteemed university, including the chief coordinator for the zero waste initiative and the lead officer of the waste transfer station, we were confronted with the staggering reality of our waste management woes. The university’s current approach, albeit an improvement, involved replacing traditional single-bin ($1200) dustbin systems with costly three-bin recycling ($3000 - $4500) bins in commercial spaces such as lecture halls. While this change had yielded a higher diversion rate (rate of amount of recyclable materials out of total thrash), it had not quite met their expectations. Moreover, improper waste segregation resulted in additional expenses as outside contract workers were employed to manually sort the waste, further financially burdening the university's sanitation department. It became painfully apparent that economic inefficiencies were at play, impeding our progress toward a greener campus.

To solve this problem, we created a solution for waste management that fixed the problem from its very source—the moment trash is discarded. Our solution seeks to ensure minimal damage to recyclable materials by sorting waste at its earliest possible stage. Unlike the conventional method of bulk segregation at waste transfer stations, our approach ensures that recyclables retain their value and potential for repurposing.

What sets our system apart is its versatility and cost-effectiveness. Rather than the exorbitant expense of replacing every bin on campus with costly three-bin dustbins, our solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing dustbins, minimizing financial strain on the university. This not only represents a significant cost-saving measure but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainability in every aspect of our approach.

But we didn't stop there. Harnessing the power of AI technology, we developed an analytics dashboard that provides invaluable insights into recycling behavior. This innovative feature enables the university to understand and respond to the specific needs and preferences of its eco-conscious community. By tailoring recycling efforts and offering more targeted products, the university can maximize its revenue potential while reinforcing its commitment to a greener future.

Our system not only streamlines the once-complex eight-step waste segregation process but also reduces labor costs by condensing it into a more efficient three or four-step process. By freeing up resources that were previously allocated to waste management, the university can redirect its funds toward more impactful initiatives and endeavors, ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach to campus operations.

We realized that this solution can be applied not only to our university but to any commercial space that has a green initiative. Hence we created TerraVortex

Data Analytics Services

TerraVortex offers comprehensive data analytics services through our powerful dashboard application.

Advanced Analytics

Unlock valuable insights from your data using our advanced analytics techniques and algorithms.

Auction System

Access our intuitive auction system to buy and sell your recyclables and other waste to the highest bidder

Maintenance & Support

We provide dedicated maintenance and support services to ensure smooth operation of our dashboard application.

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